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This site contains a variety of interesting SA Tourist statistics. This site is not linked in any way to any formal organization!

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Statistics on the various events around South Africa

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Tourist Information

The unofficial list of SA tourists and some of their key achievements.

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Basic Tourist comparison tool

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Latest Results

All the results from the latest (last) parkrun weekend.

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The list of "Clubs" the tourists belong to (e.g. 50 club / red shirt).

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Welcome to the following parkrunners who joined the Tourist Group in the last two weeks ...
NameTourist DayTouristOrder
Luis DE VASCONCELOS2019/05/112275
Geoff LUPTON-SMITH2019/05/112276
Terri SCHWULST2019/05/112277
Raymond BEYROOTI2019/05/112278
Veronica REX2019/05/112279
Melanie SHER2019/05/112280
Andrew DUMBRIS2019/05/112281
Megan PEERS2019/05/112282
Peter DE HAAN2019/05/112283
Shane SPARGO2019/05/112284
Jean SPARGO2019/05/112285
Chris MAUGHAN2019/05/112286
Dirk MEYER2019/05/112287
Jurina AUCAMP2019/05/112288
Rodney WESTGATE2019/05/182289
Adri LOUBSER2019/05/182290
Sandy RADEMEYER2019/05/182291
Mariette SWANEPOEL2019/05/182292
Rosemary VON FINTEL2019/05/182293
Hilmar VON FINTEL2019/05/182294
Hesmine DU PLESSIS2019/05/182295
Marilyn KAMP2019/05/182296
Michael ARENTSEN2019/05/182297
Johann BOSMAN2019/05/182298
Truida ZWARTS2019/05/182299
Lauren LOXTON2019/05/182300
Rina BOTHA2019/05/182301
Japie DU BRUYN2019/05/182302
Rachelle-Mari VOGES2019/05/182303
Broekies VAN BROEKHUIZEN2019/05/182304
Magriet VAN BROEKHUIZEN2019/05/182305
Angela BARCLAY2019/05/182306
Hjalmar KUSCHKE2019/05/182307
Paul VISAGIE2019/05/182308
Alice MARTINS2019/05/182309
Juliana HORN2019/05/182310
Claude JOHNSON2019/05/182311