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Welcome to the following parkrunners who joined the Tourist Group in the last two weeks ...
NameTourist DayTouristOrder
Sarie VORSTER2019/11/302991
Derick MOSTERT2019/11/302992
Bianca MULLER2019/11/302993
Arno VAN DER MERWE2019/11/302994
Ryan MARSHALL2019/11/302995
Steve ROUX2019/11/302996
Mpendulo KHUNGA2019/11/302997
Joggie VILJOEN2019/11/302998
Thomas OVERBECK2019/11/302999
Jeannette VAN DER MERWE2019/11/303000
Meryl POTTIER2019/11/303001
Alwyn ROUX2019/11/303002
Brian TALBOT2019/11/303003
Leslie Claude WALLACE2019/11/303004
Phillip NOBLE2019/11/303005
Julian KEARNS2019/11/303006
Miché KOCH2019/11/303007
Russell ELLIOTT2019/11/303008
Annerike HEYNEKE2019/11/303009
Jason WOOSEY2019/11/303010
Matome RAMAKGOLO2019/11/303011
Alan TER MORSHUIZEN2019/12/073012
Melanie JENNETT2019/12/073013
Frederick PILCH2019/12/073014
Andrea BUCHANAN2019/12/073015
Abe WADEE2019/12/073016
Yolande JANSEN VAN VUUREN2019/12/073017
Hans JANSEN VAN VUUREN2019/12/073018
Errol MCCAULEY2019/12/073019
Werner MORKEL-BRINK2019/12/073020
Johan MULLER2019/12/073021
Elandri SCHOLTZ2019/12/073022
Lisa LE ROUX2019/12/073023
Tom BEASOR2019/12/073024
Corli VON SOLMS2019/12/073025
Gertrude VORSTER2019/12/073026
Stephan BOTHA2019/12/073027
Michelle BOTHA2019/12/073028
Sheree KUHN2019/12/073029
Nicholas LAIDLER2019/12/073030
Malcolm MERSON-DAVIES2019/12/073031
Chris O'CONNELL2019/12/073032
Darryl BUCHANAN2019/12/073033
Du Toit HUMAN2019/12/073034
Chris R. BURGER2019/12/073035
Janine DAWSON2019/12/073036