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Welcome to the following parkrunners who joined the Tourist Group in the last two weeks ...
NameTourist DayTouristOrder
Sam DALGLEISH2019/11/092927
Bev LEONG2019/11/092928
Brenna EXCELL2019/11/092929
André CLOETE2019/11/092930
Martin LANGE2019/11/092931
Dirk UYS2019/11/092932
Vondra SINGLETON2019/11/092933
Justin SERFONTEIN2019/11/092934
Ashley RIDER2019/11/092935
Sadie JELLEY2019/11/092936
Sandra MANSVELDER2019/11/092937
Padmesh DAYA2019/11/092938
Guy DU SAUTOY2019/11/092939
George RUDMAN2019/11/092940
Denise CARLISLE2019/11/092941
Leigh VON HAGEN2019/11/092942
Christel ROBINSON2019/11/092943
Judith FILLMORE2019/11/092944
Peter FILLMORE2019/11/092945
Olin FREDERIKSEN2019/11/162946
Teresa SCOTT2019/11/162947
Lise MUCHNA2019/11/162948
Tim 'the Teacher' BARKER2019/11/162949
Alan MITCHELL2019/11/162950
Cobus VILJOEN2019/11/162951
Layle CATHEY2019/11/162952
Brenda CASEY2019/11/162953
Marelize VAN DEN BERG2019/11/162954
Kobus VAN DEN BERG2019/11/162955
Cheryl JOHNSON2019/11/162956
Stuart FOURIE2019/11/162957
Dawn SMEATH-THOMAS2019/11/162958
Elsabe LOMBARD2019/11/162959
Danie LOMBARD2019/11/162960
Christiaan MULLER2019/11/162961
Sarah GREENOP2019/11/162962
Aldo LAUBSCHER2019/11/162963
Laurel HUISMAN2019/11/162964
Jason HUISMAN2019/11/162965
Joshua HUISMAN2019/11/162966
Noah HUISMAN2019/11/162967