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This site contains a variety of interesting SA Tourist statistics. This site is not linked in any way to any formal organization!

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Statistics on the various events around South Africa

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Tourist Information

The unofficial list of SA tourists and some of their key achievements.

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Basic Tourist comparison tool

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Latest Results

All the results from the latest (last) parkrun weekend.

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The list of "Clubs" the tourists belong to (e.g. 50 club / red shirt).

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Welcome to the following parkrunners who joined the Tourist Group in the last two weeks ...
NameTourist DayTouristOrder
Gerda HUNT2019/08/102631
Colleen EVERITT-PENHALE2019/08/102632
Yolindi DE JONGH2019/08/102633
Nabila MULLA2019/08/102634
Sharon COVENTRY2019/08/102635
Darren HUNTLEY2019/08/102636
Ruan DE JONGH2019/08/102637
Stephen ST JOHN2019/08/102638
Michael CERFONTEYN2019/08/102639
Patricia CERFONTEYN2019/08/102640
Michelle KERR2019/08/102641
Koos LOURENS2019/08/102642
Hilary SYMINGTON2019/08/102643
Ben SYMINGTON2019/08/102644
Hein POTGIETER2019/08/102645
Yolande POTGIETER2019/08/102646
Monica BOVELL2019/08/102647
Johan VAN STADEN2019/08/102648
Brendan DEARLOVE2019/08/102649
Jolandi GROBBELAAR2019/08/102650
Shannon WAKEFIELD2019/08/102651
Annamarie NAUDE2019/08/102652
Pieter KLOPPERS2019/08/102653
Stephen ROWLANDS2019/08/102654
Heilie VERMEULEN2019/08/102655
Cornelius SMITH2019/08/102656
Maryna GROBLER2019/08/102657
Hannah MABIKA2019/08/172658