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Welcome to the following parkrunners who joined the Tourist Group in the last two weeks ...
NameTourist DayTouristOrder
Thina MAKAPELA2024/02/245287
Taylor NEL2024/02/245288
Candy FOURIE2024/02/245289
Birgit MC DONALD2024/02/245290
Charmain NEL2024/02/245291
Sinead WONFOR2024/02/245292
Rialette KLOPPER2024/02/245293
Jessica PITCHFORD2024/02/245294
Barend COETZEE2024/02/245295
Enela MOSTERT2024/02/245296
Hayley BARNETT2024/02/245297
Bennie DU PLESSIS2024/02/245298
Isabel BULLEN2024/02/245299
Alida HERBST2024/02/245300
Thokozani KHUMALO2024/02/245301
Kalman PORRITT2024/02/245302
Elsabé VAN DEN BERG2024/02/245303
Martina BIENE2024/02/245304
Jolandé WELTHAGEN2024/02/245305
Barry LANDSMAN2024/02/245306
Jamie WEARNE2024/02/245307
Jacob ROCCA2024/02/245308